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Personal Property Appraisal

Look Appraisal provides professional, qualified appraisal services for estates, charitable donations, attorneys, trust officers, and for tax and insurance requirements. As a tech-friendly firm, we offer a variety of appraisal delivery methods. Onsite appointments, virtual Zoom meetings, and remote appraisal services by phone are available. We have expertise in most personal property appraisal-related services, including estate settlement, insurance damage claims, estate liquidations, probate, business property valuations, and more. As a mobile service provider our service areas include Raleigh-Durham, Wilmington, OBX, central North Carolina, and beyond.

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When it's time to assess the value of an one's personal property, there are also risks to consider. It may be the risk of selling too low or paying too much; the risk of being under or over insured; the risk of not getting your fair share in a division of the property; the risk of incurring tax penalties or being audited.

Unsure of whether a single item is worth an appraisal? Our initial consultation option via phone or Zoom is often the best first step toward making that decision. While this isn't an appraisal, it's a step toward gathering information about whether you should continue the valuation journey or call it a day.

Preparing to downsize or sell a few special pieces that no longer fit into your lifestyle? Obtain guidance on how and where to begin with our "How and Where to Sell Personal Property" Consultation Services, available via phone or Zoom. Allow us to aid your decision making process with details on the many venues, resellers, retailers in your region, and plus online marketplaces. Learn what type of process to expect in each of these markets and the best fit for your property. Services are tailored for individual clients, as well as, long term service agreements for professionals who find themeselves regularly in need of this type of advice.

A professional, qualified appraiser helps manage your risk, potentially maximizing your return on investment, by providing a written opinion of value upon which you can base your financial decisions. Look Appraisal will help you manage risk and provide peace of mind with the quality of a qualified appraisal. 

Our Appraisal Services

The Look Appraisal Difference

◦ Formal education in appraisal theory, principles, procedure, ethics, and law

◦ Adherence to a professional code of ethics

◦ Professional credentials based on testing and successful course completion

◦ Expertise and experience with your type of property

◦ An appraiser who continues education beyond the core requirments, to remain current with market trends 

◦ Competency in appraisal standards and reports written to the current version of USPAP

- The Professional Appraisal Report Difference -

◦ A cover document explaining the type of value being sought and the intended use of the report

◦ A clear explanation of the methodology, resources relied upon, and market analysis

◦ A complete and accurate description of the property written in such a manner that it can be identified without photos

◦ Specified effective and inspection dates for the property

◦ A statement stating there is no financial interest in the property being appraised or that such interest is disclosed in the report

What is a Qualified Appraisal?